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our philosophy

ISS-oekom contributes substantially to the achievement of sustainable development with its business activity. The orientation towards the principles of sustainability is an integral component at all levels of the company’s operations.

Our ratings give companies an incentive to improve their environmental and social performance continuously. At the same time, our research provides the capital market with a tool to help investors to be better able to integrate the opportunities and risks presented by sustainable development into their investment decisions so as to achieve long-term success and to foster the sustainable development of business.

In all our activities, we try to put the basic principles of corporate responsibility into practice, especially in the way we treat our employees as an employer, and in the way we treat our clients and competitors as a market participant. We take appropriate measures to minimise the load on the environment which our business activities give rise to. Finally, as a profit-oriented company we have an obligation to our shareholders and wish to provide them with a adequate return on their capital.

 Mission Statement


Our Understanding of Sustainability

Our understanding of sustainability includes the principles which form the basis for the structure of our ratings of companies and countries.

 Understanding of Sustainability


Code of Conduct

The rules of behaviour set out in the Code of Conduct of ISS-oekom shall constitute a binding standard for all employees of ISS-oekom.

 Code of Conduct


Principles of Sustainability Rating

The Principles of Sustainability Rating constitute a binding quality standard for ISS-oekom as a rating agency and for the analysts working in the company.

 Principles of Sustainability Rating


Independence Policy  

ISS-oekom's Independence Policy sets out wide-ranging principles which guarantee the independence of ISS-oekom and its employees. ISS-oekom consistently  makes great efforts to avoid situations which could potentially lead to conflicts of interest for the rating agency or its executive bodies.

 Independence Policy

 Independence Statement for 2017


Confidentiality Statement

The Confidentiality Statement details ISS-oekom principles with regard to the treatment of confidential information.

 Confidentiality Statement


Public Disclosure Policy

ISS-oekom has given itself the motto “Creating transparency – Provoking action”. This is intended to express the fundamental way in which our work takes effect. 

 Public Disclosure Policy


Stakeholder Policy

ISS-oekom has a broad range of direct and indirect stakeholders, who in many cases make a substantial contribution to our work. We strive to make our processes and results as transparent as possible to the various stakeholders, to conduct an open dialogue with the different groupings and, wherever appropriate, to take the viewpoints of the stakeholders into account in our work. There are clearly differentiated areas in the research process, where either the input of external groups is expressly sought or the involvement of these groups is definitely out of the question. Particularly relevant areas include the development of methodology, data gathering and the evaluation of data. 

 Stakeholder Policy


Stakeholder Report

The Stakeholder Report shows the developments, topics and potential controversies regarding the inclusions of stakeholders in our operations. The Stakeholder Report for 2011 (only in German) is available on request.

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