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risk analyses

The risk analyses extend ISS-oekom’s product range into the areas of risk management and reputational risk management.

Our analyses will assist you in identifying risks which social and environment-related factors may give rise to. This will form the basis for the proactive management of risks in any financial or investment decision you take.


Controversy Monitor (OCM)


The oekom Controversy Monitor is a professional tool for assessing and managing reputational and financial risks associated with companies’ negative environmental and social impacts.


The database covers approx. 3,950 companies worldwide and records and describes the major controversies involving them.


Around 7,000 cases have been recorded so far, documenting activities in controversial business areas as well as controversial business practices such as breaches of human rights and labour rights, environmental violations and corruption.

Controversial Weapons (CWM)


Investors who hold shares or bonds in companies which produce controversial weapons such as cluster munitions or land mines find themselves exposed to considerable reputational risks. The same is true of banks and insurance companies which extend credit or insurance cover to such companies.


The oekom Controversial Weapons Monitor is a comprehensive and up-to-date collection of data on around 250 companies from all parts of the world, for which there are reasonable grounds to suspect that they manufacture controversial weapons. The web-based database enables targeted searches for individual companies or groups of companies which, for example, produce a particular type of weapon.


The oekom Controversial Weapons Monitor thus makes it possible for banks, insurance companies and other institutional investors to make informed decisions on whether or not to establish business links with or invest in shares and bonds in such companies.



ISS-oekom has also developed concepts for other issues, such as the sustainable evaluation of commodities, the evaluation of risks associated with climate change and species extinction, and the specific risks of involvement in emerging and developing markets. We would be pleased to send you further information on these.

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