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Over 1.300 institutional investors and asset managers have already made the decision to sign up to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and to factor the six Principles into their capital investments. This makes the PRI the most important initiative worldwide for promoting sustainable capital investments.

Commitment to the six Principles brings the signatories opportunities, but also risks. On the one hand, it provides them with the opportunity to position themselves as sustainably-oriented investors, and at the same time gives them access to a network of like-minded investors with whom they can draw up strategies for sustainable capital investment and exchange experiences. On the other hand, a lack of progress in implementing the six Principles can easily be seen as “greenwashing” and can lead to serious reputational risks. It is thus crucially important that signatories to the PRI work on implementing the Principles in a way that is consistent and open to scrutiny.

The new oekom PRI ToolBox offers signatories support in this process. It contains a variety of tools which will enable you to implement the individual Principles in a professional way. These include:


oekom Responsible Investment Advisory
We will support you in developing an ESG investment strategy that includes a best-in-class approach and exclusion criteria.

We will be happy to conduct training on ESG for you at your company’s premises.


oekom ESG Portfolio Check
We will analyse your capital investments and products to gauge the status of implementation of your ESG investment strategy, thereby establishing a starting point for planning further action.


oekom Universes
From the oekom universe of approx. 6,200 securities, we will compile universes which you could invest in (shares, mortgage bonds, government bonds), based on your specifications (best-in-class approach, exclusion criteria).

Via our internet-based database, you will have access to all corporate and country rating reports.


oekom Ad hoc News and oekom Studies
We will produce newsletters for you with up-to-date news on changes in company and country ratings, plus studies on social and environmental issues such as genetic engineering and microfinance.


oekom Engagement Compass
We will support you in developing and implementing an active engagement strategy, including defining engagement targets, selecting target companies, comprehensively documenting shortcomings in their sustainability management systems, drafting written proposals and monitoring implementation of agreed measures.


oekom Corporate Transparency Monitor
We will analyse and evaluate companies' external reporting as a basis for tackling them in a targeted way on their transparency with regard to ESG measures.


oekom PRI Reporting Check
We will support you in drawing up your PRI progress report.

All the tools are available either individually or as part of a solution package. 


Contact: Client Relations, e-mail: ri.advisory@iss-oekom.com

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