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A borrower’s credit rating will also depend on how it deals with social and environmental risks such as those associated with demographic changes or climate change. It therefore makes sense to include appropriate assessment criteria when carrying out credit checks and extending loans. Where companies are involved in the financing of large-scale projects, e.g. in the areas of infrastructure and energy generation, there is often a danger, particularly in emerging and developing countries, of reputational risk due to environmental destruction or human rights violations, for example. In such cases, protection against financial and reputational risks can be afforded by carrying out a detailed analysis early on. We can help you to analyse company- and country-specific risks, with services including the following: 


ORBIT database

Our ORBIT (oekom Responsibility Benchmarking & Information Tool) online database provides, among other things, direct access to the detailed information contained in oekom’s corporate ratings of over 3,950 companies (-> ORBIT Companies) and in our 56 country ratings (-> ORBIT Countries). ORBIT opens up new options for analysing the opportunities and risks presented by individual equity and bond issuers. Comparing the sustainability performance of companies and countries makes it possible to identify opportunities and risks which may impact on the performance of securities.



Would you be interested in receiving details of the ratings of individual borrowers analysed by ISS-oekom? We can provide you with reports on all companies and countries in the oekom universe, which will give you detailed insights into their rating by ISS-oekom. -> Reports


Risk analyses

Our analysts will help you identify risks that could arise as a result of a wide variety of different social and environmental factors. Our “Climate Change” and “Biodiversity” handbooks, for example, will enable you to analyse and evaluate the sector-specific risks that could arise for companies as a result of climate change and species extinction. oekom’s Emerging Markets Risk Assessment (EMRA®) describes and evaluates the current social and environmental situation in emerging and developing countries and helps you to manage the social and environmental risks of your involvement in these countries. -> Risk analyses


Controversial Weapons Monitor

For the oekom Controversial Weapons Monitor database, ISS-oekom has identified around 400 companies worldwide which are suspected of manufacturing controversial or even banned weapons. In the cases of around 250 of these companies, detailed research has confirmed these suspicions or at least provided indications that the companies are involved in the production of such weapons. These include numerous issuers of equities and bonds. The database offers detailed information on all these companies. -> Controversial Weapons Monitor

We would be pleased to provide you with further information about these and other services. Contact: Client Relations, e-mail: ri.advisory@iss-oekom.com

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