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Church investors have been hugely influential in shaping the development of sustainable investment. The first funds for church investors were set up in the USA well over 100 years ago, excluding from investment the classic “sin stocks”, i.e. companies involved in the production of alcohol, gambling, pornography, armaments and tobacco products. Nowadays, far more sophisticated sustainability investment strategies based on oekom research’s sustainability ratings are available, and these can take into account a large number of social and environmental aspects. Using these, church investors can also factor into their capital investment the values for which their church stands. We can help you to define and implement an appropriate sustainability strategy, with services including the following:


Portfolio analysis

As part of our portfolio analysis service, we will review the sustainability quality of your current capital investments. You can customise the criteria used to do this, for example based on the EKD’s [Evangelical Church in Germany] guidelines on ethical sustainable investment. The analysis serves as a basis for identifying the action you need to take and for determining appropriate measures. -> Portfolio analysis


Investment universes

The oekom Universe covers 6,200 issuers (5.500 corporates and 700 (sub-)sovereigns). We filter the issuers of equities and bonds in our overall universe to identify those which best match your sustainability fund concept. We can compile appropriate negative or positive lists, whichever you prefer. -> Investment universes


Controversial Weapons Monitor

For the oekom Controversial Weapons Monitor database, oekom research has identified around 400 companies worldwide which are suspected of manufacturing controversial or even banned weapons. In the cases of around 250 of these companies, detailed research has confirmed these suspicions or at least provided indications that the companies are involved in the production of such weapons. These include numerous issuers of equities and bonds. The database offers detailed information on all these companies. -> Controversial Weapons Monitor



Increasing numbers of investors are adopting an approach based on contacting management personnel directly in order to achieve improvements in companies’ sustainability management – an approach referred to as “engagement”. Using our oekom Engagement Compass and working together with the specialist engagement service provider GES, we can help to ensure that you enter into dialogue with companies armed with the skills you need and with clearly defined goals. -> Engagement services

We would be pleased to provide you with further information about these and other services. Contact: Client Relations, e-mail: clients@oekom-research.com

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