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oekom industry report

The importance of sustainability management to the economic success of a company, and thus to its shareholders and creditors, is an ongoing issue which is growing in significance. In its oekom Industry Reports, ISS-oekom therefore focuses in particular on the economic opportunities and risks associated with the ways in which companies are tackling the challenges of sustainable development. It documents and analyses 


how companies handle the industry-specific key sustainability issues identified by ISS-oekom,


selected individual industry rating results as well as country-specific risks and how these have changed over time,


the best and the most controversial companies in the industry

as well as examining numerous other aspects characterising the industry’s sustainability performance. In addition, the report gives an overview of all companies from the industry which were rated, together with their ratings and rankings.

The oekom Industry Report is aimed not only at companies looking to tackle the challenges of comprehensive sustainability management and to address the issue of where they stand within the industry, but also at institutional investors and asset managers who want to find out about the opportunities and risks of investing in the respective sector. 

ISS-oekom publishes regular Industry Reports of this kind on industries which are of particular interest from the sustainability point of view.


The following Industry Reports are currently available: 


oekom Industry Report Retail, February 2015


Total number of companies analysed:140

Industry-specific key sustainability issues:
-    Labour standards and working conditions in companies and
     their supply chains
-    Sustainable cultivation and production in the supply chain
-    Climate protection, e.g. energy and transport efficiency
-    Customer information on product characteristics and potential
-    Products with environmental or social benefits



oekom Industry Report Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology, November 2014


Total number of companies analysed: 87

Industry-specific key sustainability issues:
-    Fair marketing & business practices
-    Ethics in research and development (e.g. clinical trials)
-    Water strategy covering production and product use
-    Advancing access to medicines in developing countries
-    Transparency on lobbying and influence on public policy




oekom Industry Report Telecommunications, August 2014 


Total number of companies analysed: 108

Industry-specific key sustainability issues:
-    Climate protection through reduction of energy consumption 
     and provision of products to reduce greenhouse gasesn
-    Customer orientation, e.g. data protection, protection of
     children and narrowing the digital divide
-    Responsibility for the social and environmental
     conditions in the supply
-    Managing and preventing electronic waste





Please contact us if you are interested in information regarding content and price of these reports:
 Client Relations, e-mail: ri.advisory@iss-oekom.com


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