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oekom engagement compass

Sustainably-oriented investors are increasingly adopting an approach aimed at achieving improvements in companies’ sustainability performance by means of direct dialogue with company management. This approach, referred to as “engagement”, is increasingly being seen as the third pillar of sustainable investment, supplementing the use of exclusion criteria and the best-in-class approach.

The oekom Engagement Compass offers you comprehensive support for formulating and implementing your engagement strategy. Our services include:


Targets & strategy
We help you to define your engagement strategy, for example, to determine targets and priority areas, and to design your engagement programme, for example with regard to scheduling and action planning.


ESG Portfolio Check
We check your portfolio against social and environmental criteria for any weak points that might exist. These include, for example, companies whose sustainability performance is well below average or which violate the exclusion criteria you have specified.


Identification of target companies
Based upon the targets defined by you and the results of the ESG Portfolio Check, we identify suitable target companies for your engagement. This can be done, for example, on the basis of individual criteria (e.g. “all companies in industry x with a below-average climate risk management rating”) or using more complex exclusion criteria (e.g. “all criteria where the sustainability performance of companies X, Y and Z is significantly below average”).


Engagement Company Profiles
As a basis for actively engaging with companies, the Engagement Company Profiles contain comprehensive documentation on the sustainability performance of the target companies as well as facts about them that are relevant to engagement.


On request, we can put you in contact with other investors who are pursuing the same or similar goals in their engagement process. This kind of networking can lend greater weight to issues put to target companies.


We will be pleased to assist you in drawing up letters and proposals.


We will check the implementation of measures called for and/or those agreed with companies as part of our regular oekom corporate ratings and, if requested, through regular updates of the engagement profiles.


Contact: Client Relations, e-mail: ri.advisory@iss-oekom.com


"Engagement is increasingly proving to be an effective tool for promoting sustainable management methods. The key to contructive dialogue where engagement is concerned is the possession of reliable and concise information about the particular case."

Dr. Klaus Gabriel, Chairman of the Corporate Responsibility Interface Centre,

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