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oekom carbon services 

oekom Carbon Services offer investors a comprehensive toolset to identify and manage current and future carbon-related risks and performance at the issuer and portfolio level. They integrate over 100 cross-industry and industry-specific indicators, which record and evaluate the performance of over 3,950 companies in managing their industry-specific carbon risks, their business activities relating to the fossil fuels coal, oil and natural gas and their carbon footprint.

They comprise the following components, which can also be used independently:


oekom Carbon Risk Rating: a comprehensive assessment of the carbon performance of companies, based on over 100 mainly sector-specific indicators and a carbon risk classification at the industry and sub-industry levels


oekom Fossil Fuel Screening: enables the differentiated identification of company activities relating to the fossil fuels of coal, oil and natural gas


Carbon Footprinting Data: access to high quality carbon footprinting and climate impact data

our services 

Investors and asset managers rely on oekom Carbon Services in order to identify and manage carbon-related risks and performance at issuer and portfolio level. Clients can access the oekom Carbon Services via portfolio analyses, detailed data feeds, or investment universes.


oekom Carbon Risk Portfolio Analysis: The oekom Carbon Risk Portfolio Analysis provides a customised analysis of the carbon risks and performance of a portfolio measured against a defined benchmark.


Data Feed: A customer specific supply of data for integration into propriety portfolio management systems and for investment fund and mandate reporting.


Investment Universes: A compilation of investment universes based on a selected coverage and the available carbon KPIs as listed in the oekom Carbon Risk Portfolio Analysis section.


Contact: Client Relations, e-mail: ri.advisory@iss-oekom.com

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