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oekom research analyses about 3,800 companies from all major sectors of industry. The rating process is carried out at oekom research’s instigation. In order to build up a comprehensive picture of each company being analysed, our analysts collect information relevant to the rating both from the company itself and from independent experts. During the rating process, we offer the company being evaluated the opportunity to engage in an in-depth dialogue.

We set great store by our independence and have therefore made a conscious decision not to provide consultancy services. It goes without saying that we provide a copy of the relevant oekom Corporate Rating Report to the company evaluated. The evaluations it contains offer important pointers to areas of strength and potential improvement with regard to the integration of environmental and social factors into the management of the company.

"oekom research impressed us with a very detailed rating process, which included the percentage of the overall grade, comments and coverage. The reaction time of the analysts to our questions was really quick and allowed us to give rapid feedback, resulting in a constructive and open rating dialogue. Also, we appreciated the particularly thorough and accurate rating process, as well as the efforts made by the analysts to have a deep understanding of our company´s business model and activities."

Claire Visentini, Head of the Strategic Planning and Communication, Caisse des Dépôts Group


"oekom research is according to us the best in terms of transparency and completeness. We use the rating assessment and yours in particular to build our progress plan. According to us the rating reflects the right performance of a group as a whole. Now it is going to be a challenge to keep this good rank."

Alice de Brauer, VP Strategic Environmental Planning, Renault


"The questionnaire is well-balanced and addresses all main environmental, social and governance topics. Each individual question (at all levels and sub-levels) has a weight and a score, which makes it very straightforward to understand the rating and to see where efforts need to be made (if possible) to improve the company's response. We also appreciate to see that most of the comments we made had been taken into account. Compared to others, oekom research's rating system ranks among the best in our opinion."

Bertrand Janus, Sustainable Development Corporate Department, Total


"We like the transparency in how the rating is made and the sharing of information for comment. The rating system is clear and enables us to consider how to focus potential improvements. It is useful to have the report within the industry risk context and that it considers strengths and improvement opportunities."

Kirsty Mann, Senior CR Engagement Manager, Imperial Tobacco Group

"In 2013, independent rating agencies and research institutes once again evaluated and critically appraised our sustainability performance. In view of the varying quality and relevance of the large number of existing ratings and rankings, at the end of the 2012 the Sustainability Board (CSB) decided that Daimler will actively take part only in those ratings and rankings whose assessment methodology, quality, and transparency can be expected to result in a meaningful analysis. Amongst such ratings we include oekom’s Corporate Rating and we are very pleased to be rated again as 'Prime'."

Sustainability Report, Daimler


"To Cemig, the oekom's questionnaire is one of the most important tools of internal management in relation to sustainability. The advantage of oekom in relation to other questionnaires is that we receive the rating and comments in each question."

Arlindo Porto Neto, Vice-President, Cemig


"oekom research has been selected by OMV as one of the rating agencies with whom we work actively together. The reason for this is that oekom research’s ratings are highly regarded in the SRI investment field and, in addition, we are impressed by the transparency and objectivity of the rating process. Its dialogue and feedback mechanisms operate very well. Last but not least, the rating also provides us with a benchmarking and issue management tool for finding out what our stakeholders expect from the group and for closing any gaps that might exist."

Simone Alaya, Stakeholder Management, OMV


"oekom research AG's sustainability ratings have given us important pointers for areas of improvement in recent years. Examples of improvement are the switch away from PVC in newly procured internal cabling and the planned review of the company's mission statement."

Dr. Ignacio Campino, Head of Deutsche Telekom AG's Central Environmental Protection Unit


"oekom research is unique amongst rating agencies I deal with because you request formal feedback. I think this is a very good practice and I encourage you to continue with this."

Giles Mackey, SRI Manager, BP


"We value the opportunity to enter into dialogue. Some rating agencies won’t do this so we now are very selective about who we invest our time with in the SRI rating world."

Noel Morrin, Senior Vice President Sustainability, Skanska AB


"We definitely think your approach of presenting us with a profile to comment on is the best approach."

Dave Allan, Sustainability Advisor, BT Group 


"We welcome the attempt of the Global Challenges Index to combine the future ecological and social challenges with the responsibility of corporations in their core businesses. Inclusion in this index confirms to us that our strategy of the sustainability and socially responsible business will also be understood externally. Evaluations such as these show us that we are on the right track and provide us with feedback for improvement opportunities."

Uwe Bergmann, Director of Sustainability Issue Management, Henkel


"We´re delighted that Sonova is to be included in the Global Challenges Index for the first time. This ist a major confirmation and recognition of our sustainability management. We see this admittance a<s an incentive, and will continue to do everythin in our power to improve worldwide access to audiological treatment, optimise the solutions for our customers through unrelenting innovation, invest in the personal and professional development of our staff, offer them fulfilling work, and use environmentally friendly processes in all our business activities."

Sarah Kreienbühl, Sonova AG´s Group Vice President Corporate HRM & Communications

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